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How Pig Sponsorships Works

The purpose behind sponsoring a pig is to help boost an impoverished family’s economic well-being.  As a pig sponsor, you are providing a sustainable resource for Filipino families to start small businesses. It is not provided to them to consume as food. Once the pig is matured, it can be sold for the amount of three more baby pigs.  This is an enormous return on investment.  In order to make this program sustainable, each family that receives a piglet is required to later donate one of their own piglets (or the funds equivalent) back to Reaching Out Worldwide.  Reaching Out Worldwide will in turn continue selecting and donating those pigs to more and more families.

Your $50 will go towards purchasing one piglet for a family in need.  The recipient-family will be responsible for feeding, caring for, and eventually selling and or breeding their pig to gain a return.

By participating in this program you are giving a family living in survival mode a starting point to better provide for their families.  This type of program will help families pay for their children to stay in school, put nutritious food on their tables, and help them save money for the future.

Recipients of the piglets are strategically chosen through an interview process. Applicants prepare a business plan and it is presented during the interview.  They must have the means to care for the pig to full maturity. Once a pig is granted to the recipient, they are counseled and met with regularly, to ensure success and provide support. $50.00 could drastically change a family’s life. We hope to have you as a pig-sponsor this year!